When To Use An Agent

When to book travel online and when to use a travel agent

Although the cost of using a travel agent is fairly low there are times when it makes sense to book your flights, cars, hotels, and vacation packages using the internet. We offer a complete online booking service for those times.

If you’re travelling from Guelph to Calgary, from Toronto you’ll probably book it yourself. It makes sense. It’s fast and easy, doesn’t take much of your time.

If you’re travelling from Toronto to Calgary then to Portland, on to Minneapolis, then Chicago, then back to Toronto you might want to use a travel agent. Yes, there will be a fee, usually about $50.00, but when you think of the cost of your time to figure out the itinerary, it’s usually worth it.

Often your travel agent can save you money, even compared to online fares. They have access to consolidator fares that aren’t always available online. If you have some flexibility around your travel dates you can often save money on air fare. It’s easier for a travel agent to check all the possible combinations of dates. They also know what airports are close to your destination and can often save on flights by using an airport you may not have thought of.

They also know to pay attention to those little details. Does that bargain fare to Europe that routes you through London have you changing airports, going from Heathrow to Gatwick? Is there enough time for you to make the transfer and catch your ongoing flight? Is it really any cheaper when you factor in the cost of ground transportation from one airport to the other?

One of the biggest reasons for using a travel agent is peace of mind. When something goes wrong we at Royal City Travel are just a call away. If you are going to book online use the booking engine on this site. That way we’re here if you have a problem.